Rules for the 2017-2018 Season - CC Pool League

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Rules for the 2017-2018 Season

There have been no rule changes this year.


1. Officers: League officers are President, Treasurer and Secretary. A call-in bar will be elected, which will keep team scores updated and deduct points under rules 5, 11, and 14. The President will monitor the call-in bar weekly to ensure compliance with schedule  and to ensure make-up matches occur in a timely fashion. Separate call-in bars shall elected if there are more than one division in the League. If a call-in person is selected, all call-in bar rules apply to that person.

2. Fees and Schedule: Sponsor fees must be paid to the Treasurer at the 2nd Organizational Meeting, or the team will not be scheduled. The President will provide schedules to each team. Team captains must provide the President with their phone numbers within two weeks of the first match and update them for changes.

3. Disputes: Disputes should be settled at the team level if possible. Either team, before its next match, may ask the President to decide the dispute at a place convenient to the President. The President's decision may be appealed to the team captains in the division(s) affected, whose decision shall be final. Rule 3 applies to all rule disputes.


4. Eligibility: All players MUST be 21 years old and must not have played for another team during the current season. Each team's roster maximum is 16 players; its roster minimum is 6 players. See Rule 13 for matches with less than 6 players.

5. Rosters: Rosters MUST be turned in the Division Bar (Monte Carlo) by December 1st (one point deduction for each week the roster is late). After Dec. 1st, each team must keep an updated roster, naming all eligible players. Adds (and drops, if required by Rule 6) must be called in to Tom BEFORE the start of the match in which the added player(s) plays.

6. Adds and Drops: A player may be added after the team's roster is submitted. To add a player to a full roster, one rostered player must be dropped. A dropped player is barred from playing for the rest of the season and playoffs. Any game played by a player who has not qualified under Rules 4, 5 & 6 is forfeited.

7. Team Removal: If a team does not make up matches under Rule 11, the team shall be removed from the league. The points won and lost in matches played by that team during the season leg will be removed and the rest of its games will be "byed."

8. Reminder for Tech students going on break: Opposing teams have NO OBLIGATION to know Tech's schedules.


9. General: Home team sponsor pays for all games. Each match will consist of 12 games, each won game is 1 point. Visiting team has first break. Break then rotates. In a tied 11-11 playoff, break choice is by coin flip. ***Courtesy*** If visiting players are present, home team should provide visitors with ample time to warm up or learn the play of the table. If multiple tables are available, it shall be the choice of the visiting team captain whether non competing players may warm up on other tables.

10. Lineups: The home team selects its first game partners and advises the visiting team. Selection then rotates. Each player must complete each game started and is limited to 4 games. Each team shall record players, wins and losses (subject to verification on request of the other team). See Rule 23 for playoff eligibility.

11. Postponements: 2 hours' notice prior to the scheduled match time (see Rule 12) by calling the opposing team's bar or captain is required. If proper notice is not given, the offending team loses 3 points and the match must be made up. The postponing team must make a reasonable effort to reschedule the match on a day and time convenient to the opposing team as agreed by the team captains. Any team that doesn't take reasonable efforts to make up games within 3 weeks without good cause will forfeit all 9 games. A team accumulating three un-made up matches is subject to removal by the President as per rule 7. All make up matches must be completed within 3 weeks of the scheduled date or by Thursday night of the last week of the season, whichever comes first.

12.Match Times: 7:00 PM is the scheduled match time, with up to a 30 minute grace period. Unless 2 or more players show by 7:30PM, the team is subject to Rule 11. Times are Standard Time- NOT Bar Time.

13. Less than 6 players: A team may start play with 2 or 3 players, but will forfeit the last 8 games if 4 players don't show by 8:00PM or the end of the 4th game (whichever is later). (B) If 6 players do not show by 8:30PM or the end of the 8th (whichever is later), the team will forfeit the remaining 4 games.  A team with 5 players may play up to 10 games.

14. Match Results: HOME TEAM must report match scores or cancellations to the call-in Person (Jamie Savoy) before 7:00PM the next day. For each untimely report, 1 point will deducted from the home team's total points.


14.5 All Teams have been provided with a 2 ¼ inch Aramith red spot cue ball. All teams will use this cue ball for any league activities

15. 8-Ball Rules: Generally accepted "last-pocket 8-ball" rules apply, except as modified by these rules. On a break the cue ball may be moved around in the kitchen with either hand or cue. If the ball is moved past the foul line with the cue, that is a shot (See Rule 16 for totally missed breaks). A scratch or called object ball in a non-called pocket is an AUTOMATIC FOUL (loss of next shot; except for an 8-ball loss- see next). A game is lost if: (1) the 8-ball is pocketed in any pocket except the team's "last pocket" (See Rule 18); or (2) the 8-ball is pocketed in the "last pocket," but the shooter fouls, or (3) the 8-ball leaves the table from the shot.

15B. Scratch Rules:  All scratches whether on the break, an object ball, or the cue ball leaves the table will result in “ball in hand.” This means the next player up may place the cue ball anywhere on the table and shoot in any direction. There is no penalty for not making contact with a ball or a rail.

16. Break Rules: If the 8-ball is sunk on the break (without a foul), that is a win. If the breaker does not hit the rack, the opposing team has the option to play the balls as they lie or break from the kitchen.  Regardless of which balls are made on break (any number of stripes and/or solids) the table will remain open, shooters choice. If the shooter does not legally sink a called shot, the table remains open.

17. Object Ball Rules: Except on the break, each object ball must be called for an object pocket. If it goes in that pocket, "slop" is not a factor. Sinking the 8-ball (except on the Break) before your last object ball is a loss.

18. Last-Pocket Rules: (A) After making all of its object balls, a team wins by making the 8ball in its "last pocket"; except that a team may sink the 8ball in any pocket with a CALLED 3 or more cushion cue-ball shot before contact with the 8ball. "Last pocket" is (1) the last CALLED object ball pocket, if the ball drops in that pocket- even if all other balls drop on that shot; OTHERWISE (2) the pocket in which the last object ball drops. (B) Except for a 3 or more cushion cue-ball shot, a last pocket 8ball shot doesn't have to be called so long as it drops in the "Last Pocket". (C) If you call your object ball and make it in that pocket and the 8ball follows your object ball into the same pocket on the same shot (if it gets there by any manner, except a foul), that is a win. (D) If Team A makes Team B's last ball, Team B has ONE chance to pick its Last Pocket when it becomes  their shot.

19. Called Loss of Shot Fouls: If called by an opposing player at the table, the following are fouls:
(A) Exceeding the 2 minute limit between each player's shot.
(B) A player, before, during or after a shot (with body or clothes) moves any ball, or (with cue) moves the cue ball twice or more (double-clutch), or any other ball once or more.
(C) If anyone (other than a partner) is consulted about or suggests a shot.
(D) A player makes a "jump shot." A foul is waived if a non-playing opponent first calls or indicates the foul.
20. Loss of Game Fouls: The game is forfeited if:
(A) A player is validly called foul and shoots anyway;
(B) A player grabs a ball, lifting it from the plane of the table's surface;
(C) A player deliberately disrupts the table setup with cue or body.
21. Play-Over Cases: If any of the following occur, the game will be played over:
(A) A spectator interferes with a player or moves any balls on the table during the game.
(B) A situation occurs not covered by the rules (a "unique happening" where both captains agree; such as, an impossible situation where no one can make a shot).

22. Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Unsportsmanlike conduct (such as harassing the opponent; or intentionally and directly hitting the 8ball away from the opponent's last pocket, when the 8ball is not your object ball) forfeits the game.


23. Eligibility: Each team will participate in the 23 game playoff matches (first leg in one bar, 2nd leg at other bar) until eliminated. First team to win 12 games is the match winner; the other team is eliminated. See Rule 9 for 9-9 matches. A player is eligible for playoffs only if that player has played in 4 regular season matches.

24. Divisions: Playoffs in each division will be scheduled by the President, with 1st round match ups based on season records (1-8, 4-5, 3-6, 2-7); less than 8 teams give 1 or more 1st round byes). Choice of home or away for the first leg of all divisional playoff matches goes to the team with the best season record. Season record ties will be broken by head to head season records (or if equal, by special 12 game match). All matches are race to 12 (max. 22 games+1 tie-break game, if needed), with all match games to played in one night (commencing 7PM), unless otherwise agreed between the two teams.

25. League: If 2 or 4 divisions, winning playoff teams for each division will play in final playoff(s) for league championship. Choice of home or away for the first leg of all final league playoff matches goes to the team with the best percentage season record.

26. No Misco: There shall be no Miscowaubik Club.  Sorry Lost Boys.

For any questions about these rules, please contact the President, Dan Wood.

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